How to upload YouTube shorts from PC or Computer ?

The internet has changed how people consume content, from TV to YouTube. There are several benefits to making short videos for your audience to watch, as well as ancillary benefits for you as the creator of the videos.

What is Youtube Shorts?

The short video is the new era of content. People are spending more time watching short videos than long videos. YouTube has become the go-to platform for short-form video content. You can upload shorts on YouTube from your computer in a few simple steps.

how to upload youtube shorts from pc ?

There are several benefits of youtube shorts than long videos. You might ask what are those ?

Well, first of all Shorts are short in length. Its easy for creator to make a short video then long video because it takes less time and effort and its not exhausting at all.

The other benefit is short has more chance to reach the people than long video. When you open youtube and start watching shorts you may see random videos from the channels you did not subscribe. Well, as a creator that could be your videos instead of some random videos. I don’t want to go into youtube’s algorithm that how they show shorts to people but trust me, shorts has more chances of going viral then any long video content.

The third benefit is the shorts are more engaging and fun for the viewers also. Not everybody has 8 to 10 minutes to spend watching full length videos and sometimes its boring. So shorts seems to be more engaging then the long videos.

Now lets get to the point. how to upload youtube shorts from pc ? well, the process is very simple you just have to do one little thing.

How to upload youtube shorts from pc or laptop?

First of all let me tell you something, i am also a youtube video creator. Yes, i create faceless content on youtube. Since youtube started this shorts feature i also wanted to upload shorts for my subscribers but i when i opened my youtube channel there were no options of uploading shorts from the desktop or pc. Since i edit all my videos in my computer it was exhausting to transfer the videos from computer to my phone and then upload it from the youtube app.

So i had to find a way to upload shorts from my computer. I did lots of research then found out the solution. I laughed so hard on the process lol.

So lets cut to the chase, How you can upload Shorts from desktop, computer or laptop ?

well the process is very simple. If the length of your video is 1 minute or less and you want to upload it as a shorts then you just have to add #shorts in the title or in the description of the video.

If you add #shorts in the title or description of the video while you are uploading it then it will become shorts and youtube will show that video as a shorts to the people.

Isn’t it simple lol. Well, i hope i helped you. I had to make this content atleast 400 words long so that search engine will index it. sorry for that.

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